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13 days left until the world vanishes


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII belongs to the Fabula Nova Crystallis installment, of Final Fantasy XIII saga. In this RPG, developed by Square Enix for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems, you will mainly play as Lightning, the main playable character in the game, saving the world from total devastation. The game recovers some familiar characters from previous titles, such as Vanille and Hope Estheim, that will either aid or bother Lightning in her mission, depending on past events.

The story of this title is set five hundred years after Final Fantasy XIII-2, in which Lightning went into crystal stasis. Now that she is awake, the world will meet its final thirteen days since chaos was released with the death of the goddess Etro, protector of the Unseen Realm. The world has heavily changed after the fusion of the Gran Pulse with the Unseen Realm, and turned into the called Nova Chrysalia land divided into different city-state like regions such as Luxerion.

The graphic style is similar to the previous editions, improving the overall design of cities and the fighting effects. Following the same path of FF XIII-2, the cities now seem more alive than in the first edition of the saga, as you'll now have the chance of talking with the inhabitants and accept side quests. This provides some variety during the more than 50 hours that will take you to complete the game, discovering all the secrets with your chocobos.

New places to visit, new cultures to discover
New places to visit, new cultures to discover

The world has changed, so did the game

The central story to this game is that there are only 13 days before the world’s destruction, so the element of time during quests is quite important. However, you can trick the clock by obtaining souls along your journey that can extend the time available. This offer the possibility of exploring the whole new world with your chocobo.

Of the gameplay, we can say that it has evolved into a more action-focused battle system, for since you will only have Lightning in your party without any companions, you have the liberty to fully control just one character instead of creating several formations for the usual three-party characters.

The battle system has evolved
The battle system has evolved

Now, that system is replaced by the new costumes system, it is similar to what we have seen in Final Fantasy XII-2. In this aspect, you can change your role, as mage or fighter during your battles simply by selecting the costume you need for each enemy. Turn-based battles have been relegated to the past; now you can attack depending on your BTC bar that fills automatically.

Entering into a battle is the same as in the previous edition; an enemy will appear and you will decide if you want to fight it or not by pressing the action button. One peculiarity of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is that certain enemies can become extinct if you slay all the species, but this cannot happen with all. The last specimen of a species will be much stronger than the average one, so be ready for a great battle before facing it.

Meet your old companions
Meet your old companions

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Full Version Features

Here you can find the main features of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy

  • Play alone with Lightning, without extra characters, and discover a brand new world, 500 years after your slumber
  • Choose a costume to change your battle style depending on the type of enemy you are facing
  • Open world gameplay which enhances the exploratory possibilities, visiting different cities and interacting with the inhabitants
  • New battle system that will require your best effort with interactive actions that will change the course of the fight
  • 13 days are left until the end of a world engulfed by chaos - try to reach a solution before its too late

If you want further information, check the official webpage by clicking on this link.

System Requirements

Here you can find the systems for which the title is available and additional requirements:

  • System: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  • Installation on disk is optional
  • No additional requirements